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Biography of Karl Hannum

Karl Hannum has been named by DBusiness as a top lawyer because of his many efforts to provide comprehensive
legal services to a number of health care clients. But what really helps Hannum to stand apart is his active role in working
with health care providers to meet specific goals.

Hannum is a co-founder of the Cardiology Consortium (, and the founder of the Plastic Surgery Consortium ( and the Veterinarian Consortium (, which provide legal and practice management consultation services to Michigan’s top cardiologists, plastic surgeons, and veterinarians. He remains very active in all three organizations.

Hannum also was a member of the Defense Breast Implant Steering Committee, and was Defense Consortium counsel in
Fen-Phen litigation. These roles allowed Hannum to share his medical and legal knowledge with physicians and insurance
companies while providing quality, cost-effective services. Hannum’s experiences have given him the opportunity to speak
on a wide variety of health care topics and their legal implications to such organizations as the Michigan Association of Plastic Surgeons, the Cardiac Surgical Society, the Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, and the Physicians Insurers Association of America.

Clients describe Hannum’s professional efforts as both respectful and aggressive— and, most importantly, completely
dedicated to their causes. In addition to physicians in Michigan, he provides legal services to insurance carriers and
national businesses based in Alabama, Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

For nearly 25 years, Hannum has represented the professional, personal, and business interests of Michigan’s most
respected physicians and health care facilities. As managing partner of the Hannum Law Firm in Troy, this health care
litigator and malpractice attorney continues to work with clients to protect their best interests and help them set a path
for future success in their practices.

“Health care is a challenging field because there are so many threats of lawsuits to physicians,” Hannum says. “My goal is to help provide these clients with the peace of mind that they can practice medicine without fear of repercussions.”

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